We partner with you and identify ways to improve performance and grow, in a variety of areas, and create a path to help you get from point A to point B, ultimately reaching your potential and having a greater impact through increased effectiveness.

We strive to influence real change for individuals and organizations, valuing professional relationships anchored by honesty, to achieve bottom line results that are focused on your interests.

We believe in teamwork for a purpose and are proud to partner with our clients and other professionals. By working together for a common cause, we can effectively set the direction for and achieve our clients’ most important goals.

Our People

Hockenberry Management Consulting dives into a large variety of business and activities within organizations. We take a consistent approach to skills development, and partner with the right expertise, so that we can quickly deliver the right team and strategy to every client.

Our experience has been great working with Jeff! He has a talent for unpacking a challenge and putting it back together in a systematic way. Jeff always exudes the highest level of professionalism and character. 

I think for our organization and for me personally, we’ve gained insights on how to think more strategically, set goals and execute tactics to achieve the goals, and ultimately win as an organization.

I would say if you’re looking for a 20,000 ft. view and perspective to help you decide where to go next, then Jeff can help you on that path. He has a talent for helping leaders see past the trees in the forest.

-President/CEO – Diversified Technology and Professional Services