Developing Leadership Rigor

Many years ago, I worked for my parents who own a video production company. Because it is a family business, you inevitably end up wearing…

Is Strategic Planning Really Worth It?

Is Strategic Planning Really Worth It?

The concept of strategic planning was born in the late 60s into the early 70s. The Stanford Research Institute wrote a report in 1962 that…

Hockenberry Continuous Culture Improvement

Continuous Culture Improvement

Many think continuous improvement is just for manufacturing companies in order to cut costs, but it is not.

Hockenberry management Consulting Happy Employee = Happy Customer

Happy Employee = Happy Customer

The secret is…there is no secret. If you are looking for continuously happy customers, then make sure you have happy employees.

Talent Strategy by Hockenberry Management Consultants

Skilling Up For The Future

Today’s world required you to have a strategic plan around making sure you have the right skills in your workforce to compete, and grow…

For anyone seeking wise, professional, spot-on consulting, look no further. Jeff and Heather have what it takes to make a real difference.

-Owner │ Consumer Product Sales, Installation, and Service


Jeff was very thorough in assessing my needs, helping me discover the strengths of my company and offering solid suggestions on how to improve my bottom line.

-Owner/Consultant │ Business Services Consulting


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