Jeff is Founder of Hockenberry Management Consulting. Since launching the company in 2000, he has defined the strategy and vision for Hockenberry Management Consulting’s growth, as well as working closely with Hockenberry Management Consulting’s clients. With over 30 years of experience helping organizations and individuals improve performance and achieve success, Jeff specializes in business strategy, management systems, organization development, culture change, leadership development, and executive coaching.

After serving over 15 years in corporate America, Jeff began to recognize ways to make significant improvements which would help his employers improve organizational performance and grow their business. Finding his passion in helping individuals and companies grow, it was time to open his own firm.

Over the past few decades, Jeff has partnered with business leaders to identify potential solutions to challenging situations, working together to implement appropriate steps to bring about positive change and improvement, then watching as they enjoy the results of our combined efforts.

Jeff finds joy in operating with the clients’ interest in mind, and taking care of them by creating customized solutions to meet their needs. Jeff has pushed Hockenberry Management Consulting to not sell a client something “off the shelf” that may or may not satisfy their unique situation, and Jeff never compromises honesty and integrity, even when the truth may at first seem unpleasant at times.