Heather Hockenberry

Heather officially joined Hockenberry Management Consulting in 2019, after a few years of sub-contracting for the business. She studied Psychology and Human Communication at Shippensburg University, and gained experience working in Corporate Communications, as well as Executive Search and Recruitment. Heather specializes in areas like communications, marketing, customer experience, leadership, and culture.

She has a passion for teaching, training, and coaching, and always looks at situations from multiple angles to discover the best overall approach for improving the situation and moving forward. Heather enjoys finding ways to have a greater, positive impact on the business by maintaining a high-level perspective that allows her to understand cross-functional impacts in the business.

“The ability to look at every piece of a business from the customer’s viewpoint and journey – like Hockenberry Management Consulting, because we don’t copy and paste solutions – makes every client engagement a new adventure, a new challenge, and a new opportunity to help the business thrive and discover their potential.”

Hockenberry Management Consulting will produce a high ROI if your organization will embrace the experience and wisdom, they offer…strategic planning was critical to growing our business 300%.

-Director of Business Development │ Machinery Manufacturing