Heather Hockenberry

Management Consultant

Heather is the Management Consultant of Hockenberry Management Consulting. She studied psychology and human communication at Shippensburg University.

Heather’s previous experience in Corporate Communications with Volvo, working as an Executive Search Consultant at The Carlisle Group, and in sales at Follett has added to her multiple capabilities. She specializes in communications, marketing, sales, executive search, customer service and experience.

She has a passion for teaching, training, and coaching. Heather enjoys looking at situations from multiple angles and discovering the best overall approach for improving and moving forward. Learning from her Father’s multiple years of experience in the industry, Heather doesn’t stay in any single function or channel of the business, resulting in greater impact.

“The ability to look at every piece of a business from the customer’s viewpoint and journey; like our company because we don’t copy and paste solutions, makes every client a new adventure, a new challenge, and a new opportunity to help a business thrive, and discover their potential.”